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International Connections

The global perspective in STEM topics and education in general has received a great deal of press.  A global perspective requires looking at the way all countries view education and the STEM disciplines.  As an international connections example, we provide links to universities and education generally, and STEM related education specifically for Scotland.  In February 2008, a team traveled to Aberdeen, Scotland in an effort to develop an international partnership between the Schools of Education at the University of Aberdeen/Local Scottish authority and the University of Wisconsin La Crosse/School District of La Crosse. The partnership envisioned would include a working relationship among UW-L and Aberdeen education and content area faculty, administration, and the school district in La Crosse and local authority in Aberdeen.

Ultimately, one goal of this relationship would be future exchanges of pre-service teachers, in-service teachers, university content area students, faculty, and other interested parties between the universities and their partners.  To acquaint potential participants in the Scottish perspective, the following links are provided.  

General Information:


Scottish Schools of Education:

Scottish STEM standards:

Connecting STEM to other disciplinary standards:

STEM Teaching Organizations