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The Human Organism

Within each topic, links and information are organized by (1) Science Trade Books which are arranged using the dewy decimal system, (2) Websites, and other resources are used.


Science Trade Books: Grade level reading*

150 – Psychology Giants of Science: Sigmund Freud, by Kathleen Krull   Curr 150.19 Kru
The Scent of Desire: Discovering Our Enigmatic Sense of Smell, by Rachel Herz   Curr 152.1 Her
Sleights of Mind: What the Neuroscience of Magic Reveals About Our Everyday Deceptions, by Stephen Macknik Advanced (9-12) Curr 152.14 Mac
Wire Mothers: Harry Harlow and the Science of Love, by Jim Ottaviani and Dylan Meconis   Curr 156.092 Ott
610 – Medical Sciences, Psychiatry


Book Cover




Book Cover




Book Cover




Book Cover

The Edge of Medicine: Technology That Will Change Our Lives, by William Hanson Advanced (9-12) Curr 610.28 Han
You Can't Use Your Brain If You're a Jellyfish, by Fred Ehrlich   Curr 611 Ehr
Our Body: Skeletal System, by Cheryl Jakab   Curr 611 Jak
My Bones, by Carol K. Lindeen   Curr 611 Lin
In Your Genes: Genetics and Reproduction, by Steve Parker   Curr 611 Par
Dr. Frankenstein's Human Body Book: The Monstrous Truth about How Your Body Works, by Richard Walker   Curr 611 Wal
Here Is a Human Being: At the Dawn of Personal Genomics, by Misha Angrist Advanced (9-12) Curr 611.08 Ang
Why We Need Carbohydrates, by Molly Aloian Elementary (3-5)
Intermedaite (6-8)
Curr 612 Alo
The Complete Human Body + DVD, by DK Publishing
Advanced (9-12) Curr 612 Com
Life Science in Depth: Body Systems and Health, by Ann Fullick   Curr 612 Ful
Easy Genius Science Projects with the Human Body: Great Experiments and Ideas, by Robert Gardner
Elementary (3-5)
Intermediate (6-8)
Curr 612 Gar
Under Your Skin: Your Amazing Body, by Mick Manning and Brita Granstrom   Curr 612 Man
Organs! How They Work, Fall Apart, and Can Be Replaced, by Nancy Winslow Parker Elementary (3-5) Curr 612 Par
The Human Body: 25 Fantastic Projects Illuminate How the Body Works, by Kathleen M. Reilly Elementary (3-5)
Intermediate (6-8)
Advanced (9-12)
Curr 612 Rei
Ivan Pavlov: Exploring the Mysteries of Behavior, by Barbara R. Saunders Elementary (3-5)
Intermediate (6-8)
Curr 612 Sau
The Human Body, by Barbara A. Somervill   Curr 612 Som
How Your Body Works: A Good Look Inside Your Insides, by David Stewart   Curr 612 Ste
You Just Can't Help It! Your Guide to the Wild and Wacky World of Human Behavior, by Jeff Szpirglas Elementary (3-5)
Intermediate (6-8)
Advanced (9-12)
Curr 612 Szp
How the Incredible Human Body Works by the Brainwaves, by Richard Walker   Curr 612 Wal
Ouch! How your body makes it through a very bad day, by Richard Walker   Curr 612 Wal
Your Body and Health: Blood and Heart, by Jen Green   Curr 612.1 Gre
Our Body: Circulatory System, by Cheryl Jakab   Curr 612.1 Jak
My Heart, by Carol K. Lindeen   Curr 612.1 Lin
Faulty Heart: True Survival Stories, by Sandra Markle Intermediate (6-8)
Advanced (9-12)
Curr 612.1 Mar
Pump It Up!: Respiration and Circulation, by Steve Parker   Curr 612.1 Par
Squirt!: The most interesting book you'll ever read about blood, by Trudee Romanek   Curr 612.1 Rom
Hear Your Heart, by Paul Showers   Curr 612.1 Sho
Our Body: Respiratory System, by Cheryl Jakab   Curr 612.2 Jak
My Lungs, by Carol K. Lindeen   Curr 612.2 Lin
The Quest to Digest, by Mary K. Corcoran   Curr 612.3 Cor
Our Body: Digestive System, by Cheryl Jakab   Curr 612.3 Jak
My Stomach, by Carol K. Lindeen   Curr 612.3 Lin
Break It Down: The Digestive System, by Steve Parker   Curr 612.3 Par
Gee Whiz! It's All About Pee, by Susan E. Goodman   Curr 612.4 Goo
Your Body and Health: Cells and Reproduction, by Jen Green   Curr 612.6 Gre
Puberty Girl, by Shushann Movsessian
Lesson Tool
Intermediate (6-8) Curr 612.661 Mov
The Bones You Own: A Book about the Human Body, by Becky Baines Primary (K-2)
Elementary (3-5)
Curr 612.7 Bai
Your Body and Health: Skeleton, by Jen Green   Curr 612.7 Gre
Our Body: Muscular System, by Cheryl Jakab   Curr 612.7 Jak
My Muscles, by Carol K. Lindeen   Curr 612.7 Lin
Movers and Shapers: Bones, Muscles, and Joints, by Dr. Patricia Macnair   Curr 612.7 Mac
Move Your Body: Bones and Muscles, by Steve Parker   Curr 612.7 Par
The Nervous System, by F. Fay Evans-Martin   Curr 612.8 Eva
My Brain, by Carol K. Lindeen   Curr 612.8 Lin
Control Freak: Hormones, The Brain, and the Nervous System, by Steve Parker   Curr 612.8 Par
Wow!: The most interesting book you’ll ever read about the five senses, by Trudee Romanek   Curr 612.8 Rom
Girl in the Know: Your Inside-and-Out Guide to Growing Up, by Anne Katz Intermediate (6-8)
Advanced (9-12)
Curr 613 Kat
The Teenage Body Book, revised and updated ed., by Kathy McCoy and Charles Wibbelman Elementary (3-5)
Intermediate (6-8)
Advanced (9-12)
Curr 613.04 McC
The Survivor's Club: The Secrets and Science that Could Save Your Life, by Ben Sherwood
Author Interview Reading Guide
Advanced (9-12) Curr 613.6 She
Gut-Eating Bugs: Maggots Reveal the Time of Death! by Danielle Denega Elementary (3-5)
Intermediate (6-8)
Curr 614 Den
Written in Bone: Buried Lives of Jamestown and Colonial Maryland, by Sally M. Walker Intermediate (6-8)
Advanced (9-12)
Curr 614 Wal
Epidemics & Plagues, by Richar Walker   Curr 614.4 Wal
Deadly Invaders: Virus Outbreaks Around the World, from Marburg Fever to Avian Flu, by Denise Grady   Curr 614.5 Gra
Influenza: The Next Pandemic?, by Connie Goldsmith Intermediate (6-8)
Advanced (9-12)
Curr 614.5 Gol
The Secret of the Yellow Death: A True Story of Medical Sleuthing, by Suzanne Jurmain Elementary (3-5)
Intermediate (6-8)
Curr 614.5 Jur
Edward Jenner: Conqueror Of Smallpox, by Ana Maria Rodriguez   Curr 614.5 Rod
Killing Germs, Saving Lives: The Quest for the First Vaccines, by Glen Phelan Intermediate (6-8) Curr 615 Phe
Circulating Life: Blood Transfusions from Ancient Superstition to Modern Medicine, by Cherie Winner Intermediate (6-8)
Advanced (9-12)
Curr 615 Win
Guinea Pig Scientists: Bold Self-experimenters in Science and Medicine, by Leslie Dendy Advanced (9-12) Curr 616 Den
Girl in the Know: Your Inside-and-Out Guide to Growing Up, by Anne Katz   Curr 616 Kat
Genetic Twists of Fate, by Stanley Fields Intermediate (6-8)
Advanced (9-12)
Curr 616.042 Fie
Death: Corpses, Cadavers, and Other Grave Matters, by Elizabeth A. Murray Intermediate (6-8)
Advanced (9-12)
Curr 616.07 Mur
Defend Yourself: The Immune System, by Steve Parker   Curr 616.07 Par
Belly-Busting Worm Invasions! Parasites That Love Your Insides! by Thomasine E. Lewis Tilden Intermediate (6-8) Curr 616.3 Til
Investigating Diabetes: Real Facts for Real Lives, by MaryLou Ambrose Advanced (9-12) Curr 616.4 Amb
Diabetes, by Marlene Targ Brill Intermediate (6-8)
Advanced (9-12)
Curr 616.4 Bri
Gene Hunter: The Story of Neuropsychologist Nancy Wexler, by Adele Glimm   Curr 616.8 Gil
Investigating Eating Disorders: Real Facts for Real Lives, by MaryLou Ambrose Intermediate (6-8)
Advanced (9-12)
Curr 616.85 Amb
Autism Spectrum Disorder, by Ana Maria Rodriguez Advanced (9-12) Curr 616.85 Rod
Inside Out: Portrait of an Eating Disorder, by Nadia Shivack   Curr 616.85 Shi
Smoking 101: An overview for teens, by Margaret Hyde Advanced (9-12) Curr 616.86 Hyd
Investigating Depression and Bipolar Disorders: Real Facts for Real Lives, by Abigail Meisel Advanced (9-12) Curr 616.89 Mei
Battling Malaria: On the Front Lines Against a Global Killer, by Connie Goldsmith Advanced (9-12) Curr 616.9 Gol
Rising Plague: Theh Global Threat from Deadly Bacteria and Our Dwindling Arsenal to Fight Them, by Brad Spellberg Advanced (9-12) Curr 616.9 Spe
Rising Plague: The Global Threat from Deadly Bacteria and Our Dwindling Arsenal to Fight Them, by Brad Spellberg   Curr 616.9 Spe
Leukemia: True Survival Stories, by Sandra Markle Intermediate (6-8)
Advanced (9-12)
Curr 616.99 Mar
The Breast Cancer Update, by Alvin and Virginia Silverstein, and Laura Silverstein Nunn Advanced (9-12) Curr 616.99 Sil
Cancer, by Alvin Silverstein Intermediate (6-8) Advanced (9-12) Curr 616.99 Sil
Ballerina Dreams, by Lauren Thompson
About the Author
Supporting Material
Primary (K-2) Curr 618.92 Tho
640 – Nutrition, Home Economics What the World Eats, by Faith D'Aluisio   Curr 641.3 Men
Who Wants Pizza? The Kids' Guide to History, Science and Culture of Food, by Jan Thornhill Elementary (3-5)
Intermediate (6-8)
Curr 641.3 Tho


*Science trade books listed are in the Murphy Library CMC collection and are reviewed in Science Books & Films’ Best List  and/or NSTA’s Outstanding Science Trade Books.

Science Trade Books: Teacher resources - AAAS Project 2061’s Resources [Ch 6] *Note: if the books in this resource are not in the Murphy Library collection, please try Universal Borrowing.




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