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The Designed World

Within each topic, links and information are organized by (1) Science Trade Books which are arranged using the dewy decimal system, (2) Websites, and other resources are used.



Science Trade Books: Grade level reading*

600 – Technology

Imaginative Inventions

Cool Stuff And How It Works, by Chris Woodford, Luke Collins, Clint Witchalls, Ben Morgan, and James Flint Intermediate (6-8)
Advanced (9-12)
Curr 600 Coo
Biomimicry: Inventions Ispired by Nature, by Dora Lee Elementary (3-5)
Intermediate (6-8)
Curr 600 Lee
Robert Crowther's Pop-Up House of Inventions: Hundreds of Fabulous Facts About Your Home, by Robert Crowther Elementary (3-5)
Intermediate (6-8)
Curr 609 Cro
Imaginative Inventions, by Charise Mericle Harper   Curr 609 Har
How Nearly Everything was Invented by the Brainwaves, by Jilly MacLeod   Curr 609 Swe
Neo Leo: The Ageless Ideas of Leonardo da Vinci, by Gene Barretta
Primary (K-2)
Elementary (3-5)
Curr 609.2 Bar
Marvelous Mattie: How Margaret E. Knight Became an Inventor, by Emily Arnold McCully Elementary (3-5) Curr 609.2 McC
620 – Engineering



Science book




Story of Kites




Destination Moon

The Story of Kites, by Ying Chang Compestine   Curr E Com
Amazing Leonardo Da Vinci Inventions You Can Build Yourself, by Maxine Anderson   Curr 620 And
Engineering for Every Kid: Easy Activities that make Learning Science Fun, by Janice VanCleave Elementary (3-5)
Intermediate (6-8)
Curr 620.0078 Van
Materials, by Anna Claybourne Primary (K-2)
Elementary (3-5)
Curr 620.1 Cla
Shaping Materials, by Chris Oxlade   Curr 620.1 Oxl
Plastic: A Toxic Love Story, by Susan Freinkel Intermediate (6-8)
Advanced (9-12)
Curr 620.192 Fre
Nikola Tesla: Physicist, Inventor, Electrical Engineer, by Michael Burgan
Lesson Tool
Advanced (9-12) Curr 621.3 Bur
Thomas Edison For Kids: His Life and Ideas, by Laurie Carlson
About the Book
Lesson Plan
Elementary (3-5)
Intermediate (6-8)
Curr 621.3 Car
The Telephone Gambit: Chasing Alexander Graham Bell's Secret, by Seth Shulman
Author Interview
  Curr 621.385 Shu
What is Energy? Exploring Science with Hands-on Activities, by Richard and Louise Spilsbury Elementary (3-5)
Intermediate (6-8)
Curr 621.4 Spi
Rockets, by Ron Miller Intermediate (6-8) Advanced (9-12) Curr 621.43 Mil
Kinetic Contraptions: Build a Hovercraft, Airboat, and More with a Hobby Motor, by Kurt Gabrielson Intermediate (6-8)
Advanced (9-12)
Curr 621.46 Gab
Simple Machines: Levers, by David Glover   Curr 621.8 Glo
Simple Machines: Pulleys and Gears, by David Glover   Curr 621.8 Glo
Simple Machines: Ramps and Wedges, by David Glover   Curr 621.8 Glo
Simple Machines: Screws, by David Glover   Curr 621.8 Glo
Simple Machines: Springs, by David Glover   Curr 621.8 Glo
Simple Machines: Wheels and Cranks, by David Glover   Curr 621.8 Glo
Inclined Planes to the Rescue, by Sharon Thales   Curr 621.8 Tha
Lost Mountain: A Year in the Vanishing Wilderness: Radical Strip Mining and the Devastation of Appalachia, by Erik Reece Advanced (9-12) Curr 622 Ree
Adventures Beneath the Sea: Living in an Underwater Science Station, by Kenneth Mallory Elementary (3-5)
Intermediate (6-8)
Curr 623.82 Mal
Built to Last: Building America’s amazing bridges, dams, tunnels, and skyscrapers, by George Sullivan Intermediate (6-8) Curr 624 Sul
Build It! Structures, Systems, and You, by Adrienne Mason   Curr 624.1 Mas
Why Don't Jumbo Jets Flap Their Wings? Flying Animals, Flying Machines, and How They Are Different, by David E. Alexander   Curr 629.04 Ale
Reach for the Skies: Ballooning, Birdmen, and Blasting into Space, by Richard Branson Advanced (9-12) Curr 629.1 Bra
Why Don't Jumbo Jets Flap Their Wings? Flying Animals, Flying Machines, and How They Are Different, by David E. Alexander Advanced (9-12) Curr 629.13 Ale
The Wright Brothers: Inventors Whose Ideas Really Took Flight, by Mike Venezia
Lesson Plan
Elementary (3-5) Curr 629.13 Ven
Catch The Wind!: All About Kites, by Gail Gibbons   Curr 629.133 Gib
Armstrong's Moon Rock, by Gerry Bailey & Karen Foster   Curr 629.4 Bai
This Is Rocket Science: True Stories of the Risk-Taking Scientists Who Figure Out Ways to Explore Beyond Earth, by Gloria Skurzynski Elementary (3-5)
Intermediate (6-8)
Advanced (9-12)
Curr 629.4 Sku
Space Probes: Exploring Beyond Earth, by David Jefferis Elementary (3-5)
Intermediate (6-8)
Curr 629.43 Jef
Exploring the International Space Station, by Laura Hamilton Waxman Elementary (3-5) Curr 629.44 Wax
What Do Astronauts Do? by Carmen Bredson   Curr 629.45 Bre
Mission Control, This is Apollo: The Story of the First Voyage to the Moon, by Andrew Chaikin
About the Author
Intermediate (6-8)
Advanced (9-12)
Curr 629.45 Cha
Moonshot: The Flight of Apollo 11, by Brian Floca Primary (K-2) Curr 629.45 Flo
Project Apollo: Exploring the Moon, by Robert Godwin   Curr 629.45 God
Launch Vehicles: Heritage of the Space Race, by Michael Lennick   Curr 629.45 Len
Liftoff: A Photobiography of John Glenn, by Don Mitchell   Curr 629.45 Mit
Destination Moon: The Apollo Missions in the Astronauts' Own Words, by Rod Pyle   Curr 629.45 Pyl
American Lives: Buzz Aldrin, by Elizabeth Raum   Curr 629.45 Rau
American Lives: Neil Armstrong, by Elizabeth Raum   Curr 629.45 Rau
American Lives: Eileen Collins, by Elizabeth Raum   Curr 629.45 Rau
American Lives: John Glenn, by Elizabeth Raum   Curr 629.45 Rau
American Lives: Mae Jemison, by Elizabeth Raum   Curr 629.45 Rau
American Lives: Sally Ride, by Elizabeth Raum   Curr 629.45 Rau
Almost Astronauts: 13 Women Who Dared to Dream, by Tanya Lee Stone Elementary (3-5)
Intermediate (6-8)
Advanced (9-12)
Curr 629.45 Sto
Team Moon: How 400,000 People Landed Apollo 11 on the Moon, by Catherine Thimmesh
About the Book
Lesson Plan
Book Guide
About the Author
Reader's Theatre Adaptation
Intermediate (6-8)
Advanced (9-12)
Curr 629.45 Thi
First Men on the Moon: Apollo 11, by Robert Godwin   Curr 629.454 God
Exploring Space Robots, by Deborah Kops Elementary (3-5) Curr 629.46 Kop
Robots: From Everyday to Out of This World, by Yes Mag Elementary (3-5) Curr 629.8 Rob
630 – Agriculture

ER Vets




How Long or How Wide? A Measuring Guide, by Brian P. Cleary   Curr 630.8 Cle
George Washing Carver, by Tonya Bolden Elementary 3-5)
Intermediate (6-8)
Curr 630.92 Bol
George Washington Carver: Ingenious Inventor, by Nathan Olson   Curr 630.92 Ols
Insights From Insects: What Bad Bugs Can Teach Us, by Gilbert Waldbauer Advanced (9-12) Curr 632 Wal
Wicked Bugs: The Louse that Conquered Napoleon's Army and Other Diabolical Insects, by Amy Stewart Intermediate (6-8)
Advanced (9-12)
Curr 632.7 Ste
Apples, by Jacqueline Farmer   Curr 634 Far
American Chestnut: The Life, Death, and Rebirth of a Perfect Tree, by Susan Freinkel Advanced (9-12) Curr 634.97 Fre
Bean, by Louise Spilsbury   Curr 635 Spi
Prairie Builders: Reconstructing America’s Lost Grasslands, by Sneed Collard
About the Book Lesson Plan
Elementary (3-5)
Intermediate (6-8)
Curr 635.9 Col
Pet Science: 50 Purr-fectly Woof-Worthy Activities for You and Your Pets, by Veronika Alice Gunter and Rain Newcomb   Curr 636.088 Gun
Tales of an African Vet, by Roy Aronson Intermediate (6-8)
Advanced (9-12)
Curr 636.089 Aro
ER Vets: Life in an Animal Emergency Room, by Donna M. Jackson Primary (K-2)
Elementary (3-5)
Curr 636.089 Jac
Horses, by Seymour Simon Elementary (3-5) Curr 636.1 Sim
Down on the Farm: Ducks, by Sally Morgan   Curr 636.5 Mor
Down on the Farm: Chickens, by Hannah Ray   Curr 636.5 Ray
Eco Dogs, by Judith Bauer Stamper Elementary (3-5)
Intermediate (6-8)
Curr 636.7 Bau
Honey Bees, by Stephen Buchmann Intermediate (6-8)
Advanced (9-12)
Curr 638 Buc
The Hive Detectives, by Loree Griffin Burns
Elementary (3-5)
Intermediate (6-8)
Advanced (9-12)
Curr 638 Bur
Down on the Farm: Bees, by Sally Morgan   Curr 638 Mor
The Buzz on Bees, by Shelley Rotner and Anne Woodhull
Elementary (3-5) Curr 638 Rot
Squirmy Wormy Composters, by Bobbie Kalman and Janine Schaub   Curr 639 Kal
Down on the Farm: Fish, by Sally Morgan   Curr 639.3 Mor
Least of These: Wild baby bird rescue stories, by Joan Harris   Curr 639.9 Har
Kakapo Rescue, by Sy Montgomery
Intermediate (6-8)
Advanced (9-12)
Curr 639.9 Mon
The Chimps of Fauna Sanctuary: A True Story of Resilience and Recovery, by Andrew Westoll Advanced (9-12) Curr 639.988 Wes
650 - Management and Public Relations Barnum Brown Dinosaur Hunter, by David Sheldon Primary (K-2)
Elementary (3-5)
Curr 650.92 She

*Science trade books listed are in the Murphy Library CMC collection and are reviewed in Science Books & Films’ Best List  and/or NSTA’s Outstanding Science Trade Books.

Science Trade Books: Teacher resources - AAAS Project 2061’s Resources [Ch 8] *Note: if the books in this resource are not in the Murphy Library collection, please try Universal Borrowing.


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