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STEMSS Careers

Some discipline specific professional societies, governmental agencies, research institutes, and other organizations provide career materials to PK-16 teachers and students and the general public. As an example, The American Association for the Advancement of Science has developed a Career Basics booklet  and science career website (see

CareersBelow are a collection of links, which include STEM career materials primarily for PK-16 teachers and students. STEM topics are organized around categories in Science for All Americans


The Physical Setting
(Astronomy, Physical Sciences, Chemistry, Earth Sciences)

AAAS’ Science Careers

American Chemical Societies’ Chemical Careers in Brief

American Physical Society Careers Information

American Society of Limnology & Oceanography’s Working in the Aquatic Sciences

Career Guide for Atmospheric Sciences

Careers in Renewable Energy

Careers in the Geosciences

Gemological Institute of America’s Careers Page 

National Academy of Science Career Guides

National Aeronautic and Space Administration (NASA)’s Careers page

Nature’s Jobs site 

US Geological Survey’s Careers in Science

The Living Environment
(Paleontology, Life Sciences, Botanical Sciences, Zoological Sciences)

American Association of Zoo Keepers’ Zoo Keeping as a Career

American Fisheries Society’s Careers in Fisheries

American Institute of Biological Sciences’ Careers in Biology

American Society for Cell Biology’s Careers Strategy Columns

American Society of Plant Biology’s Careers in Plant Biology

American Society for Biochemistry & Molecular Biology’s Unlocking Life’s Secrets: Career opportunities in biochemistry & molecular biology

Association of Zoos & Aquariums’ Careers in Zoos & Aquariums

Botanical Society of America’s Careers in Botany

Careers in Herpetology

Challenging Careers in the Natural Resources Conservation Service

Entomological Society of America’s Discover Entomology

Nature’s Jobs site

Office of Naval Research’s Oceanography/Marine Related Careers

Society of American Foresters’ Forestry as a Career 

Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry (SETAC)

Society for Industrial Microbiology & Biotechnology’s Careers in Industrial Microbiology & Biotechnology

Society for Marine Mammalogy’s Strategies for Pursuing a Career in Marine Mammal Science

Society of Systematic Biologists

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Careers

Wildlife Society

The Human Organism
(Psychology, Medical Sciences, Psychiatry, Nutrition, Home Economics)

American Medical Association Healthcare Careers

American Dental Association’s Careers in Dentistry

American Psychiatric Association’s Careers in Psychiatry

American Psychological Association’s PsycCAREERS

American Society of Clinical Oncology

Discover Nursing

National Institute of Dental & Craniofacial Research Careers & Training 

Human Society
(Knowledge, Data Processing, Religion and Science, Social Sciences, Anthropology, Social Issues, Education, Literature, General Geography and History)

American Association of Geographers’ Careers Database

American Sociological Association

The Designed World
Technology, Engineering, Agriculture)

American Institute of Architects’ Architecture Careers

American Institute of Chemical Engineers’ Student Career Page

American Society for Horticultural Science’s Careers in Horticulture

American Society of Agronomy

American Society of Animal Science’s Career Information page

American Veterinary Medical Association’s Career page

Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence careers page

Biotechnology Careers

IEEE’s Try Engineering

Institute of Food Technologists’ Introduction to the Food Industry

Materials Science & Engineering Careers Resource Center

USDA’s Kids Careers in Science (agriculture emphasis)

US Agricultural Research Service careers page

The Mathematical World

Employment Opportunities

General Career Information

Career Trends: Careers Away from the bench: Advice & Options for scientists.

AccessSTEM (STEM career possibilities for students with disabilities)

National Academy of Science 

National Career Pathways Network

“Science Careers” in Science Books & Films Nov/Dec 2008 issue

Science, Engineering, and Technology Human Resources

Scientists in Action (USGS)

Sloan Career Cornerstone Center (science, technology, engineering, math, computing, medicine)

Wisconsin Association for Career and Technical Education