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Digitized Resources Provided by Murphy Library


Annual report of Board of Trade of the City of La Crosse, Wisconsin, 1879, 1881-1905.

Art Work of Valley of the Mississippi from La Crosse, Wisconsin to Keokuk, Iowa  / Art Photogravure Co., 1899.

Art Work of St. Croix and Mississippi Valley from Stillwater, Minn., to La Crosse, Wis. / Art Photogravure Co., 1899.

A Brief Sketch of La Crosse, Wisc'n; Showing the Location of the Place, its Surrounding Scenery, Commercial Advantages, Early History, and the Social, Moral, Literary, and Religious Character of the Inhabitants; and Various Other Interesting Items / Spencer Carr. La Crosse, W. C. Rogers, 1854.

Bridge over the Mississippi River at La Crosse :  Letter from the Secretary of War Transmitting a Report Locating a Bridge  Across the Mississippi River at La Crosse, Wisconsin, 1873?

A Catalog of the Oyen Collection, from the University of Wisconsin, La Crosse, Including a History of the Oyen Interior Design Firm, Buildings Decorated by the Oyen Firm, Employees of the Oyen Firm / Prepared by Joan M. Rausch, with Leslie F. Crocker La Crosse, Wis.: Board of Regents, University of Wisconsin System, c1979.

The Catholic History of La Crosse, Wis. : In Two Chapters / Crane, Florence. La Crosse, Wis. : F. Crane, 1904, 32 p.

The City of La Crosse, Wis. : Its Advantages for Residence, Resources and Commercial Progress / from the Annual Report of the Board of Trade for 1891 ; with Representative Illustrations of its Residences and Public Buildings by The Art Gravure & Etching Co., 1892.

Description and Prospectus of the Wisconsin Business University, La Crosse, Wisconsin and Other Business Training Schools Owned by F.J. Toland in Wisconsin, Minnesota and Iowa, 1902?

Early La Crosse Parade Film: Special Collections, Murphy Library recently accessioned a short (1 minute, 39 seconds) film clip of a parade at the corner of Main St. and 5th Ave. in downtown La Crosse. We believe this parade occurred on July 30, 1913 and this film is a portion of the first motion picture footage of professional quality to be filmed in La Crosse. The film was produced by a Mr. Huntley of Wenohna Films in Winona, Minnesota. The parade was organized by Harry Taggart, the Secretary of the Retail Grocers Association, and featured local business and civic groups. In the footage, the Majestic Theatre on the south side of Main St. is visible at the extreme left and the Boyer-Furber Furniture store is on the right.

Environmental Statement Marsh Land Fill / Prepared by Office of the Chancellor, Kenneth E. Lindner, 1972?

Great Lakes Maritime History Project: The Great Lakes Maritime History Project is a collaborative digital project. The Milwaukee Public Library, Wisconsin Historical Society, UW-Superior, and Special Collections, Murphy Library, UW-La Crosse contributed photographs, audio recordings, and other records to provide a history of commercial navigation on Wisconsin waters, including Lakes Superior and Michigan and the Mississippi River.

History of La Crosse County, Wisconsin, 1881 / Butterfield, Consul Willshire. Chicago : Western Historical Co., 1881, 862 p. and the Name index to the History of La Crosse County, Wisconsin, 1881 / Averkamp, Marcella. [La Crosse, Wis.] : Area Research Center, Murphy Library, University of Wisconsin --La Crosse, 1977, 150 leaves.

The Industries of La Crosse, Wis., 1888.  La Crosse, Wis.: Spicer & Buschman, 1888.

La Crosse by the Camera / [W. A. Pryor], 1894.

La Crosse Illustrated: Historical, Picturesque, Descriptive. Art Pub. Co., 1887.

LaCrosse, Wisconsin: The Gateway City: A City of Great Enterprises, Wholesale and Manufacturing, Agricultural Resources Unsurpassed.  La Crosse, Wis.: Spicer & Buschman, 1904?

The Manufacture of Rubber Footwear: An Illustrated Story of Rubber from its Growth to the Finished Product / La Crosse Rubber Mills Company, 1925.

The Masque of Marsh and River / Howard Mumford Jones Presented by The La Crosse State Normal in Myrick Park, 1915.

Memoirs of La Crosse County / Benjamin Bryant, 1907.

Myrick Marsh Nature Trails Guide / Laura A. Schuh; Illustrated by Malenna Smith, 1976.

Nicollet Map of La Crosse River at La Crosse

Nicollet Map of Mississippi River at La Crosse

Official Souvenir View Book : Out-Door Winter Carnival, La Crosse, Wisconsin, January 25-28, 1922. La Crosse, Wis. : Levy Bros. [1922?]

Philippi Art Souvenir of La Crosse, Wisconsin 1904 First Edition / Published by the L.P. Philippi Co.

Philippi Art Souvenir of La Crosse, Wisconsin. 1906 Trade Edition.

Pictorial Souvenir of the Police Department of La Crosse, Wisconsin / Harry Wilkinson.  Des Moines, Iowa : American Lithographing & Printing Co.), 1912.

Portfolio of La Crosse People Past and Present. H.E. Wheaton, 1908?

Reminiscences of Early La Crosse, Wisconsin : An Account of the Men and Women Who Lived in La Crosse and Vicinity ... / by L.H. Pammel. Liesenfeld Press, 1928.

Settlement Patterns of La Crosse County, Wisconsin, 1850-1875 / by Robert George Wingate. Thesis (Ph. D.)--University of Minnesota, 1975.

Souvenir Views of the Upper Mississippi, Issued in Honor of the Louisiana Purchase Exposition at St. Louis, 1904, copyrighted by the Nelson Art Studio, Dubuque, Iowa.

The Story of My Life by Billie Button

A Souvenir of La Crosse / Published by Chas. L. Weis, 191-?

Souvenir of La Crosse, Wis. / Alex Simplot, Publisher, 1892?

For digital materials on UW - La Crosse

Views About La Crosse, 1885..

Wisconsin Labor Advocate: Newspaper published in La Crosse in 1886-1887.   La Crosse was a hotbed of Labor political party activity in the 1880s and the “Labor Advocate” was one of at least four La Crosse area Labor-related newspapers from that time.  What makes the “Labor Advocate” unique was its editor and owner: George Edwin Taylor.  Taylor was an African-American, born in Arkansas in 1857.  As a black business owner, he was an anomaly in La Crosse in the 1880s.  Taylor got his start in publishing working at other La Crosse newspapers.  He also became increasingly interested in politics as reflected in his editorship of the “Wisconsin Labor Advocate.”  The last existing edition of the paper dates from August 6, 1887 and George Edwin Taylor left La Crosse soon afterwards.  He maintained a life-long interest in politics and by 1904 had become involved an all African-American political party called the National Liberty Party. Taylor accepted the nomination of that party in 1904 as its candidate for the office of the U.S. President.  In doing so, Taylor was the first candidate of a national African-American party for the U.S. presidency.

Wisconsin Pioneer Experience: A digital collection of original sources documenting 19th-century Wisconsin history: The Wisconsin Pioneer Experience is a digital collection of diaries, letters, reminiscences, speeches and other writings of people who settled and built Wisconsin during the 19th century.  Specific entries from La Crosse include:  Nathan Myrick letter, Friedrich Tillman diary.


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