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Introduction to Nuclear Science

UW-L Author: Jeff C. Bryan, Ph.D.
Copyright: 2009
Publisher: CRC Press

Bryan, Jeff C. Introduction to Nuclear Science. Boca Raton: CRC Press, 2009.

There are many excellent nuclear chemistry textbooks available for teaching science or engineering seniors or graduate students, but very few for those lacking an extensive science and math background. Introduction to Nuclear Science provides a much-needed textbook for those seeking a more accessible introduction to the topic.

The book presents a complete introduction to nuclear chemistry and physics, including fundamental concepts, relevant mathematics, current applications, and health issues. It covers energetics, radioactive decay, nuclear reactions, interactions of radiation with matter, detection methods, and safety measures, including monitoring and regulations. The text also includes material relevant to medical professionals generating and using ionizing radiation for diagnostics and therapy. It provides a balanced view of important contemporary topics such as nuclear power, weapons, and food/mail irradiation.

About the Author

Jeff C. Bryan was born in Minneapolis in 1959, but moved with his family to Sacramento when he was two. He grew up in the free and open society that was Northern California of the 60’s, balanced by a reticent home life filled with hot dish and Jell-o salad. He interrupted his college studies to spend a year living and working in Iceland, but eventually earned an A.B. degree in chemistry from UC Berkeley.

Dr. Bryan earned a Ph.D. in inorganic chemistry from the University of Washington. He then continued to follow his fascination with small island nations with more sheep than people by doing postdoctoral research in Auckland, New Zealand. He then spent five years doing research at Los Alamos National Laboratory. His most successful project involved the preparation of several cool new compounds of technetium.

He then spent eight years at Oak Ridge National Laboratory researching new compounds for removal of cesium from nuclear waste. In 2002, he made a long-anticipated move to academia by accepting a position with the chemistry department at UW-La Crosse. He currently teaches Nuclear Chemistry, Radiation Physics and Introduction to Nuclear Science. He also serves as Director of the Nuclear Medicine Technology program.

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