Murphy Library
University of Wisconsin-La Crosse
ERMes Electronic Resource Management (ERM) Software
Changes Between Releases
  • Total ERM rewrite based largely on code provided by Norma Dowell at Iowa State University.
  • Improved visual interface and logic.
  • Basic Counter functionality.


  • FAQ link on web site (includes options to update to new release)
  • Added a hyperlink field (Proxy_URL) to the Database table, Join_Database_and_Cost_History query, Database and Join Database and Cost History forms (This would be the URL of the specific database with proxy/Metalib information.
  • Added a hyperlink field (Database_URL) to the Database table, Join_Database_and_Cost_History query, Database and Join Database and Cost History forms (This is a direct URL to the database)
  • Added a new table (Access) for recording access availability.  Populated with Library only, On campus, On/Off campus.  Made table accessible to the Database table, join database and cost history query, Database form, and join database and cost history form
  • Tested in Access 2007 and it seems to work.  No changes made.


  • Created an input form for populating the Subjects/Departments table.
  • Made a change in the Database_Cost_History and Join Database and Cost History forms so that the Fiscal_Year is populated correctly.
  • Added the following fields in the Database/Database_Cost_History tables and forms and relevant queries and reports: Renewal Date, Fiscal Year, Subscription Status, Subscription Notes, Use Stats Note, Coverage Years, and a general Notes field.
  • Added a general Notes field to the Vendor table and Joins Vendor Contacts forms and pertinent queries and Reports.


  • Updated the instructions which were a release behind.
  • Added a Uses table and Database Uses for Fiscal Year query, form and report and placed the report on the switchboard.  The report is an alternative to recording a URL link in the Database table for use stats.  If one records the specific use stats for each year, this report will calculate cost per use for a user specified fiscal year.


  • New fields in the Database table include E-reserve Rights, Document Delivery Rights, License Agreement URL, Use Stats URL, Use Stats Note, Journal List URL.  These fields were also added to the Database query and form and the Join Database and Cost History form.
  • The following queries/reports were added to the switchboard: Payments Crosstab (an alphabetical list of databases in a table view listing payment information for each year), Payments (list view by fiscal year of all databases and their cost), Year To Year Price Comparison (asks for the two fiscal years you want to compare and provides cost information as well as price increase and percentage increase for each database).


  • Extended length of database name field in Renewals for Date Range Report.
  • Fixed Renewals for Date Range Query as it wasn't actually matching to the Renewal Date field.
  • There are 2 attempts to create a query/report to reflect percentage increases for databases. This should be in July's release.

2008-05 (Base release)

If you have suggestions please contact William Doering, University of Wisconsin-La Crosse,, (608)-785-8399