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Free Access 2007 Training Materials
Here is a list of free online training materials for Using Access 2007.  They are not specific to ERMes, but they may be helpful for learning and being comfortable with Access 2007.  I have not taken any of these tutorials personally, so if one of the resources doesn't work, becomes broken or otherwise is not appropriate, please notify us.  Thanks

eHow- How to Use Microsoft Access Query
A 5 step information how to guide for how to create a query in Microsoft Access

Function X- Microsoft Access
A comprehensive “help” like table for performing a variety of tasks. 37 topics covered.
A collection of instructional videos that walk people through various Access functions. Videos have commercials that lead tutorial.

A full “course” of instruction videos that begins with the most basic explanations of what are database, etc. Very time consuming, includes questions that aim to prove understanding of material to continue. Wrong answers elicit an explanatory response from the program as to why the answer was wrong, and a request to try again. Has “Practice in Access” sessions that require a short download of software from Microsoft.
A pdf instruction manual for basic Access procedures.
Tutorial consists of the following lessons: About Microsoft Access, Create a Database, Create a Table, Adding Data, Create a Form, Modify a Form, Create a Query, Modify a Query, Create a Macro, .Convert Access Database to Excel, Microsoft Access versus SQL Server.

Microsoft Access 2007 Tutorial
Walks through the create of Access 2007 tables, forms, queries, reports.
Covers topics like intro, database, table, records, query, forms, reports, charts.
A Microsoft Access 2007 Sample lesson.
Tutorial on how to plan and set up tables and fields, create and use forms to enhance data integrity, design and run meaningful queries, and create useful and attractive reports.
Getting Familiar with Microsoft Access 2007 for Windows, creating Microsoft Access tables, working with Microsoft Access tables, sorting, filtering, and creating relationships, creating Microsoft Access queries, creating forms, creating reports.
320 tutorials on Access 2007.