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ERMes Electronic Resource Management (ERM) Software
UW-La Crosse no is no longer using ERMes.  Therefore, there will be no new versions or updates to ERMes unless the ERMes users make it happen.  Thanks for all these wonderful years.

ERMes v. 2014.05

Download ERMes Software (requires Access 2007 or higher) (v. 2014.05)

Instructions and Release Notes
Please feel free to edit the documentation as needed and/or to let us know what additions/revisions you would like to see.

Release Notes 2014.05 - PDF version

v. 2010.05 Instructions:

Free web-based Access 2007 Training Materials



License Statement

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An information and communication venue for ERMes.

ERMes Group

A place to converse with other ERMes users

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Code for an A-Z list of databases for web page (provided by Jen Holman) (Readme)

New 2010 code for an A-Z list of databases for web page (provided by Jen Holman)

ERMes flyer

Previous Versions:

Here are some other databases I've written.

Library Inventory Database (Here is another database I've done for managing a small or personal library)

Database for incident tracking with vendor